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News from around the parish

Over last Summer the grass cutting in Innsworth was nearly non existence in Innsworth parish by the Gloucestershire County Council who sub contracted to a company called Amy. Local parish councillors spent many hours on the phone and on site visit with officers, by the end of the summer the parish did look a lot better( we hope you will agree) From April 2016 it is hoped that a local grass cutter will do a lot of the grass cutting in the Parish, of course this comes at a cost to all of us, but lets keep the Parish looking clean and tidy.

The Bus Shelters have had a little spruce up and some new Perspex installed, but there is on e site that the Perspex keeps getting kick out if you see any of this type of anti social acts please report it to the police on 101 and get an incident number.

All Little bins and dog bins have been clean and repainted where required this has been done by a handy man contractor who the council will continue to use to keep Innsworth looking nice.

Since October 2015 the Parish Council Clerk resigned as clerk. we would like to thank for all is hard work over many years and wish him success in the future. This has left Council Short handed.

We have taken on a temporary admin Assistant to help keep things ticking over until the new year.

We do hope you had a Happy Christmas and New Year.


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